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Come Here Boy: Chapter Twenty (Part Two)

Title: Chapter Twenty: Watch The Bed Burn
Author: sugakane_01
Kurt/Blaine, Finn/Rachel, Sam/Mercedes, Mike/Tina, Artie/Brittany, background Brittany/Santana, 
Genre: Romance/Drama/AU, Slash (obviously)
Rating:  eventual  NC-17 
Spoilers:  Up to Season 2 Episode 22 (New York)
Overall Story Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, homophobic and biophobic language, explicit sex, underage drinking and drug use, high risk sexual behavior, emotional manipulation, bullying, racial slurs, implied suicidal thoughts...will add appropriate warnings for individual chapters

Summary: What Blaine Anderson wants, Blaine Anderson gets and from the moment he meets Kurt Hummel on the stairs at Dalton Academy he's determined that the beautifully broken boy will be no exception.  When lust turns to love and Kurt becomes more than a conquest, Blaine shows just how far the boy who has everything is willing to go for love- the one thing he's never had.

A/N:  Okay, this chapter is longer than the previous two and has a BUNCH of POV changes. I know not everyone likes that but it's necessary for this part of the story. There is also a bit of Klaine (finally, I know) and we hit a MAJOR part of the plot that impacts several of the characters. This chapter gets pretty intense and I'm sure you guys will have some strong feelings when you're done reading just please bear in mind that we're nowhere near the end of the story.

There is A LOT of mixing and twisting of canon in this chapter. The episodes of Furt and Theatricality are meshed together and then taken AU and the timeline has been thrown completely out the window. For example, Sue isn't principal (and there's a reason that it's Figgins which will become apparent in later chapters) events in Duets have already happened but the Kurt/Karofsky kiss from Never Been Kissed has NOT happened. Hopefully it's not too confusing for anyone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, or any of their characters.  

Warnings: Internalized homophobia, language, mentions of violence, slight physical violence, homophobic language/slurs, slightly detailed description of a panic attack

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Chapter Twenty: Sit Back and Watch the Bed Burn (Part Two)

Kurt was just putting the finishing touches on his hair when his cell rang. The theme song to Boy Meets World started to play and Sam's name flashed across the display.

"Hey," he said grabbing it up before it could ring again. "I'm just about ready, I swear," Kurt laughed.

"Aw dude," Sam said regretfully. "I can't make it. My mom got called into work and my dad's sick so I'm on babysitting duty."

Kurt was disappointed. He'd been looking forward to getting to spend some one on one time with Sam to thank him for standing up for him and quiz him about what, if anything, he had planned for Mercedes' upcoming birthday.

"I understand," Kurt sighed. "Maybe next weekend we can hang?"

"Absolutely," Sam agreed. "Just you and me. Cory and Shawn. Epic bro time."

"I'm not sure that I'm a bro kind of guy," Kurt said hesitantly.

"You're totally a bro," Sam assured him. "And I'm really sorry."

"It's okay Sam," Kurt comforted him. "You take care of Stevie and Stacy and I'll…figure something out."

"Don't let those vouchers go to waste man," Sam ordered. "Call Mercy or Tina, check with Artie, ask Finn, hell call Blaine if you have to but dude, the bro code says free food must be claimed."

"I'm enjoying this bro business less and less the more rules you throw at me," Kurt teased. "But yeah, I'll find someone to go with. Don't worry about it. See you in school tomorrow, Sam."

"See ya."

Kurt hung up only feeling a little dejected. He briefly thought about calling Blaine but decided it was impractical to ask his…Blaine to make such a long drive to only get to hang out for a couple of hours before Kurt's curfew kicked in and Blaine had to drive all the way back to Westerville. He wished, and not for the first time, that they lived closer to one another.

Tina and Mercedes were both out of the running, as he knew they were both had plans for the evening.

He supposed he could ask Finn. They did have things they needed to go over for the wedding and he'd never seen the other boy turn down food.

Kurt found the lanky teen in the kitchen, staring at the contents of the freezer.

"Do I even want to know what you're doing?" Kurt asked warily.

"Mom's late and I'm tired of cereal and sandwiches," Finn whined. "I'm looking for like, a hot pocket or something."

This was going to an easier sell than Kurt had originally anticipated. "I might be able to offer you something slightly-and I do mean slightly-better than a hot pocket," Kurt said smugly. "Sam had to cancel and I have a free dinner at Breadstix with your name on it if you want it, soon to be brother of mine."

"Alright!" Finn yelled slamming the freezer shut. "I'm going to Breadstix. I'm gonna eat free," he sang as he grabbed his jacket off of a kitchen chair.

"You're not gonna change?"

"What for?" Finn asked. "I'm still clean, dude."

'I cannot believe I had a crush on you," Kurt said to himself and then smiled. "Alright then, to Breadstix we go."

"Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's to the 'Stix we go," Finn sang on his way out the door.

"I will put you out on the side of the road," Kurt threatened locking the door behind them.

"We wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait to go to the Stix the whole day though," Finn went on unperturbed by Kurt's threat.

"I won't even pull over first. I'm going to shove you out into the street-" Kurt mumbled unlocking his car and getting into the driver's seat.

"To eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat at the Stix is what we like to do," Finn sang climbing into the passenger's seat of Kurt's Navigator and buckling up.

"Finn, I swear to God-"

"It ain't no trick, you get full real quick-"

"You are bastardizing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, do you realize that?" Kurt grumbled as he drove.

"But don't eat eat eat-"

"This song is ruined for me now," Kurt moaned.

"Too much cause ya might get sick," Finn finished happily.

"Are you done?"

"Maybe," Finn said mischievously, drawing out the word. "Maybe not."


"Be our guest, be our guest, cause our breadsticks are the best-"

"You are five years old," Kurt said laughing.

"Nuh uh," Finn replied. "Five and a half," he said sticking his tongue out at Kurt.

"Whatever, we're here. You're not gonna need a booster seat or anything are you?" Kurt asked teasingly.

"No, but I might need a bib because I'm gonna eat like, my weight in breadsticks," Finn joked back.

"Finn, the breadsticks here are disgusting," Kurt announced as they parked and made their way into the restaurant.

"They're a required taste," Finn countered holding the door open for Kurt.

"The word is acquired, Finn and no they're really not," Kurt said turning to the hostess and presenting her with their vouchers.

"This way, gentleman," the pretty redhead said politely leading them to a booth.

An hour later Finn had tried and failed to eat his weight in breadsticks and they were both nursing generous slices of cheesecake and going over wedding preparations. Finn had convinced Kurt to nix the doves and Kurt had convinced Finn that Pour Some Sugar On Me would not be an appropriate song for his mother/son dance with Carole.

They were playfully arguing over whether to have New Directions perform Marry You or Chapel of Love as they danced down the aisle, Finn dramatically singing the lyrics to the latter when Kurt felt a heavy hand land on his shoulder.

"Look at what we have here Dave," Tony Lewis, one of the linebackers on the team. "Hudson's on a date with his boyfriend."

"Kurt's not my boyfriend," Finn denied instantly.

"Oh you two haven't made it official then?" Lewis sneered.

"Why don't you two go slither back under the rock from whence you came?" Kurt asked his voice dripping with disdain.

"Why don't you shut up before you meet The Fury?" Karofsky shot back.

"Leave him alone, Karofsky!" Finn growled, jumping to his feet. "The other guys told you and now I'm telling you: Back off Kurt."

"Oh look Dave, he's standing up for the little woman," Lewis laughed. "What's with all you glee freaks taking up for Tinker Bell, huh? Oh I get it," he said suddenly snapping his fingers and leering at Kurt. "It's because he has such a pretty mouth, isn't it?"

Lewis didn't know it but his words unintentionally pushed Karofsky right over the edge. The jock had already been livid when he'd seen Kurt and Finn having dinner together, laughing and joking, singing back and forth to each other. Kurt had looked so happy, smiling at Finn and leaning across the table every so often to casually touch the other boy's arm. It had hurt, because Karofsky knew that Kurt would never look at him with affection, never playfully smack him on the forearm or let him steal a forkful of his dessert like he had with Finn. It had also made him angry because Lewis was right. It did kind of look like a date and that was something that Karofsky just couldn't handle.

"Look Gore," Kurt said glaring at Lewis, "why don't you and Kutchek go find the rest of your barbarian tribe and leave those of us who have mastered the art of personal hygiene in peace?"

"I don't know what a Kutchek is," Karofsky said as he stopped glowering at Finn and looked at Kurt, "But I'd rather be one of those than a fag like you and your date."

"We're not on a date!" Finn yelled shoving Karofsky so that he fell back into the table behind him.

"Sure you're not," Karofsky retorted as he righted himself and pushed Finn back. "And you weren't just singing songs to him, grinning all dopey at him, flirting with him and eating off his plate. It's a date and you're both sick little freaks."

Kurt quickly gathered up their things, put a tip for their waitress on the table and grabbed his keys. He pushed past Lewis so he could get out of the booth and went to stand beside Finn. "Leave Finn alone," he said angrily. "He didn't do anything wrong. Finn, come on. You don't have to defend or explain yourself to these two, okay? We're leaving."

"Oh ho," Lewis cackled. "Looks like Hummel's calling the shots. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe it's Hudson that's the girl."

"We're both guys, you jackass," Finn fired back without thinking.

"Finn," Kurt said, pulling on the quarterback's sleeve, urgently trying to get him to leave with him before he said something else the pair of bullies could use against him. "Let's just go."

"Better do what your man says Hudson," Lewis mocked.

"Fuck you," Finn snarled.

"Oh, so you two take turns then," Karofsky jeered. "Which do you like better Hudson? Pitching or catch-"

Karofsky didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. Finn's fist connected with Karofsky's face, knocking him to the ground and making everyone in the restaurant stop and stare in shock.

"Shut up," Finn screamed. "That's disgusting. You're disgusting!"

"Finn we're leaving now," Kurt said, ignoring the tiny flare of hurt Finn's words caused him and grabbing onto the quarterback's arm and trying to drag him out of Breadsticks before management made it over to where the four teens were fighting.

"Ooh your boyfriend's mad now," Lewis jeered. "He gonna take you home and punish you?"

"Yeah Hudson, go on home and get your homo on," Karofsky taunted, "no one here wants to see you two cocksuckers gaying up the place."

"I'm not gay!" Finn cried his face red with fury.

"Finn, stop. Just come on," Kurt said, grabbing Finn's hand and once again trying to lead him out of Breadstix.

"Aww look, they're holding hands now," Lewis crowed.

Finn looked down at their clasped limbs and snatched his hand away as if he'd been burned. "Get off of me," he barked at Kurt, taking a step away from the countertenor and glaring at him accusingly, as if the entire situation were somehow Kurt's fault.

Kurt felt hurt and betrayal flood through him at Finn's reaction. "Fine, Finn. Feel free to stay here with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass, but I'm leaving."

"Ruh Roh Shaggy, looks like a lover's quarrel," Lewis cracked.

"We're not lovers," Finn bellowed indignantly, drawing even more attention to their group.

"Shut up and come on, Finn!" Kurt snapped embarrassed by the scene that was taking place.

"Don't tell me to shut up," Finn roared turning on Kurt. "I didn't do anything!"

"Neither did I, Finn," Kurt said coldly. "You have every right to be angry right now but not to take it out on me."

"Yeah Hudson, you better apologize or you won't be going to the chapel anytime soon," Karofsky sniped.

"I said shut up-"

"Yeah, the chapel of looooove," Lewis added

"It's just a song!"

"Finn, you don't owe them an explanation and this isn't helping. Come on-"

"Oh no, Finn. This is helping. I finally understand just how big of a loser you really are. Any other songs you like to sing to your little Kurtie pie?"

"Finn's not a loser! Unlike you he has more than a future of asking people 'do you want fries with that' to look forward to," Kurt sneered at Lewis.

"Defend yo man, girl!" Lewis replied smugly.

"I'm not a girl but you say that as if being a woman is something to be ashamed of. No wonder the last time you had a date people still believed the world was flat."

As a couple of girls at the table behind them started to laugh Lewis lost his composure. "I do too have a woman! Keep talking queer and I'll knock your teeth down your throat!" He growled.

"Gay bashing is so very manly."

"Is there a problem here?"

"Yes! These two assholes-"

"The pillow biter and his boyfriend-"

"My brother and I were just leaving-"

"Don't you mean your lover?"

"You gentlemen are all going to have to leave-"

"I told you I wasn't gay!"

"Come on out of the closet, Hudson."

"Kiss my ass, Karofsky!"

"I'll pass but I bet a flamer like you would like that."

"I'm going to call the police if you all don't clear out of here and-"

"I'm not gay! I'm not a queer or a cocksucker or a homo. I'm straight! Kurt's the one who's a fag, not me!" Finn yelled his chest heaving, his face red and his eyes blazing with anger, shame, fear and disgust.

Kurt felt as if he'd been thrown off the summit of a mountain and hit the rocks below when he realized what Finn had said and why he had said it.

Finn, Kurt recognized, was angry, but not because Lewis and Karofsky were being hateful and homophobic, but because they were being hateful and homophobic towards Finn. It wasn't the principle that had him upset, it was the practice.

Finn was ashamed but not because he was causing a scene or because up until a few minutes ago he would have counted Lewis among his friends. No, Kurt noted bitterly, Finn was ashamed that he'd been caught out in public, on what looked like it could be a date, with the resident fag.

Finn was afraid, but not that they'd end up being banned from Breadstix or that the altercation would turn into an all out brawl. No, Finn was afraid that word would get around and rumors would spread about him and about the two of them.

Finn was disgusted, but not at the two jocks' behavior. He was disgusted that anyone would think he was gay. He was disgusted that Kurt was gay. He was disgusted that anyone would associate him with Kurt and homosexuality.

The boy that he shared a home with was ashamed of him. The boy his father thought of as a second son was afraid of people thinking he was anything like Kurt. The boy that he'd had a crush on, thought of a friend and wanted as a brother was disgusted by him.

Kurt felt as if he couldn't breathe. Finn; sweet, well meaning, harmless Finn had called him a fag. He had screamed it in a crowded restaurant without hesitation or reservation and he had meant it. It wasn't a joke or an accident and he didn't say it like it had been the first time.

Kurt wanted to rage. He wanted to scream and shout. He wanted take his fists and pound them into all three of the football players faces until they were as bruised and broken as he felt in that moment. He wanted to pass out and throw up and break down. He wanted to use his words to eviscerate them, to be cutting and caustic and make them feel as degraded and devalued as their offensive obscenities had made him feel.

In the end he elected not to do any of those things. He simply turned on his heel and walked out of Breadsticks with his head held high leaving Finn to sputter his empty apologies to his back.

It was too much, Kurt thought as he turned the key in the ignition and peeled out of the parking lot ignoring the protesting squeals of his tires. After the roller coaster of the day he'd had, the frustration, hurt and betrayal he was currently feeling was just too much. He just wanted to go home, curl up in front of his mother's dresser and feel safe.

Kurt slammed on his brakes, oblivious to the honking and colorfully worded reprisal of the driver who had been behind when he realized he couldn't go home. Kurt's sudden recognition that there wasn't going to be a safe place for him anymore left him terrified and on the edge of hysteria. His home wasn't safe anymore. Finn lived there. Finn and his fear and his judgment and his homophobia were squatting in his sanctuary, infesting the only refuge Kurt had from the hostilities he faced on a daily basis. Burt and Carole were getting married and Finn, along with all the ugly that he had inside him was going to be a part Kurt's life, a part of his family.

Kurt was on autopilot as he restarted his car and drove on and on for miles before exhaustion took over and he maneuvered the Navigator into the first available parking lot and leaned his head on the steering wheel. He choked on a sob as he realized that one of his worst nightmares had come true. He was living with a homophobe. Kurt had never really of Finn as homophobic. Uneducated, uncomfortable, and a little fearful of what he didn't understand, yes but never had Kurt thought of him as hateful or malevolent, not even when he was actively bullying him. Now he knew better. Now he knew that no matter how many steps forward he thought they took or much changing and growing he thought Finn had done, he would always be one argument away from a slur or maybe even a slap. He wasn't safe. Finn wasn't safe and his home wasn't safe.

Kurt didn't know where to go or what to do. He couldn't go home because eventually Finn would be there. He also couldn't go home because Burt would take one look at his face and know that something bad had happened and Kurt could not tell his father. He knew, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that Burt would put Kurt's happiness above his own. He knew his father would call off the engagement, perhaps even break off the entire relationship if Kurt told him about the things Finn had said and done but Kurt didn't want that. He truly adored Carole and she made his father happier than Kurt had seen him in years. He couldn't be reason Burt and Carole lost their second chances at living happily ever after. He couldn't be reason his father was left mourning another lost love.

Blaine was too far away and he couldn't go to any of the kids in glee. He knew that he could go to Sam, Mercedes or Tina and they would instantly take his side but that Rachel, Noah and probably Quinn would back Finn out of love and loyalty. Santana, Artie, Brittany and Mike would be stuck in the middle. No one would be able to be objective and his issues with Finn would become fodder for the latest group drama. He didn't want to drag their friends into the middle and he didn't want to be the reason the group splintered apart again when they were finally beginning to come together.

Besides, he was sure they'd probably find out soon enough. There had been enough witnesses that Kurt fully expected for there to be a play by play complete with not so clever commentary popping up in the next few hours on Jacob's blog.

Kurt squeezed his eyes shut at the painful reminder that his humiliation was going to be made public whether he said a word or not. Part of Kurt wanted to pull out of the parking lot, start driving and never stop until Lima and all the hate and hurt was far, far behind him.

Kurt's fingers twitched on his keys but before he could turn them his phone rang and Blaine's ringtone sounded out.

He didn't even allow the first few seconds of the melody to play before he answered.

"Hey babe, I know you said you'd call and it's still kinda early but I've had a long day and I'm about to crash-"

"B-Blaine?" Kurt choked out as his tears fell in earnest and what little composure he had left completely abandoned him at the sound of the other boy's voice. "I need…I c-can't…F-F-Finn," he babbled incoherently, trying in vain to get a grip on himself and his emotions.

"Kurt! Kurt, breathe baby, its okay. I need you to calm and stop crying so you can tell me what happened. Did someone hurt you? Are you okay?"

"No," Kurt sobbed, too emotionally overloaded to do anything but be honest. "I'm n-not okay. I'm never okay. Don't you know I'm a c-cocksucking fag? That's not okay, Blaine."

"Who the hell-, Kurt where are you? Are you at home? I'm getting my keys now and-"

"No," Kurt screamed. "I'm not at home. I can't go home! Finn's at home. Finn a-and all a-and I-I"

"Jesus, okay babe calm down for me, please," Blaine begged. "I didn't mean to upset you. You're not at home; you don't want to go home, that's okay. That's fine. I'll come get you, okay. Just, just tell me where you are."

Kurt peered out of his windshield. "I-I...I don't know. I don't know where I am. I just started driving and pulled over and I'm not sure and I don't know-"

"Hey, hey babe it's okay. You're in your car. Check the GPS. Tell me what it says and I'll come get you."

"Please hurry," Kurt asked, his breath hitching painfully. "It says uh I'm on Lincoln Boulevard."

"I promise I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? I need you to listen babe, Jeff is gonna come with me so he can drive your car back for us, okay?"

"Back to Dalton?" Kurt asked quietly. "Is that allowed?"

"We're not going to Dalton, I'm gonna take you back to my house. It's gonna be past curfew by the time I get to you and-"

"I'm sorry," Kurt whispered. "You d-don't have to come. I'll be fine. I'm always fine in the end. It's okay. I can…I'll be fine. Please don't get in trouble-"

"Kurt," Blaine said sharply. "We won't get in trouble. Just let me help you. Now, what do you see around you? Landmarks, businesses, anything?"

"I…I think I'm somewhere in Russell's Point," Kurt said. "I'm in front of a Subway."

"Is it open?"

"Um, yeah. Til eleven, according to the sign."

"Okay, babe listen to me. Go inside and wait for us. Stay on the phone with me though, okay?"

"Okay," Kurt said as he slipped out of the SUV and locked the door. The merry sound that the bell hung above the door made when he entered seemed to mock him as he took a seat. Kurt thought that he'd be forced to order something but his misery must have been so apparent that the other patrons mercifully left him in peace.

"-rt? Babe? Talk to me! Kurt!"

"I'm here," he said dully.

"You don't have to tell me what happened but I need to know if you're hurt."

"Not physically," Kurt whispered.

"Babe, just stay there and hold on. I'm coming for you."

Blaine's navigation system had estimated it would take a little over an hour for him to reach Kurt. Between the fact that he was in a high performance sports car and Jeff drove like he was racing the devil himself, they managed to make it to Russell's point in a little over forty minutes.

"We're pulling up now, babe. I'll be inside in a minute okay. It's safe to hang up now," Blaine said, waiting for Kurt to disconnect before he hung up himself. He had stayed on the line with Kurt the entire drive, resisting the urge to demand that Kurt tell him who had hurt him and how they had done it. He'd been terrified, a million nightmare scenarios playing out in his head, each more horrific than the one before it. Blaine's arms ached with the need to hold Kurt and make sure that the other boy was safe. Blaine didn't even wait for Jeff to the cut the engine before he leapt from the car and barreled into the Subway. He frantically looked around the small dining room until he caught sight of Kurt in a back corner booth, curled into himself as if he were doing his best to be invisible.

"Kurt," Blaine exhaled gratefully as he came to a graceless stop in front of the brunette and hauled him to his feet, wrapping his arms Kurt's impassive frame.

Kurt weakly returned the embrace, choosing instead to burrow his head into the space between Blaine's neck and shoulder and cry quietly.

Jeff entered and made eye contact with Blaine. When Blaine shook his head slightly Jeff nodded and went to the counter to order a sandwich and give the two some privacy.

Blaine pulled away from Kurt and cupped his face in his hands, forcing him to make eye contact. Kurt's eyes were swollen and red rimmed, his skin was far paler than Blaine had ever seen it and he'd bitten his lip so much it was chapped and bleeding. Minus ripped and torn clothing, Kurt's appearance reminded Blaine of how he'd looked after Azimio had attacked him. He wanted to force Kurt to tell him who'd hurt him, drive down to Lima and unleash his wrath but it was obvious that was the last thing Kurt needed at the moment so Blaine forced himself to hold onto his tongue and his temper.

"It's okay now," he soothed. "Babe, I need your keys. Jeff's gonna drive the Navigator remember?" Kurt nodded and placed his keys into Blaine's outstretched hand without protest. Silently Blaine handed them over to Jeff who had suddenly materialized beside the two boys.

"I'll take really good care of it, Kurt. I promise," the blonde said kindly before squeezing Kurt on the shoulder and once again leaving the two boys alone as he went and started Kurt's car.

"Come on, babe. Let's get you out of here now, huh?"

Kurt nodded and followed Blaine to his car, silently climbing into the passenger's seat and pulling on his seat belt.

Blaine got into driver's seat and started the car, heading back towards Westerville. He checked his rearview to make sure that Jeff was behind them and then gave Kurt what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

Blaine had no idea what had happened or who had done it but he did know that when he found out there would be hell to pay.

Kurt had fallen asleep on the drive back to Westerville and Blaine hadn't had the heart to wake him. He had opted to take Kurt to Devonwood since it was closer than his own home and it would give him a chance to speak with Jasper in the morning about his parents' upcoming visit.

He and Jeff parked the cars in the garage themselves and then Blaine sent Jeff off with Antoine to be settled into a guest room before he shook Kurt awake. "Hey, wake up sleepyhead. We're at my home."

Kurt blinked the sleep out of his eyes and looked around the garage, which was more like the show room floor of a custom car dealership than a typical garage. "This is your house?" He asked.

Blaine chuckled. "This is a garage, babe and no, not my house. We're at Devonwood, its Jasper's house but it's more like home to me than other place-including my own."

"Should I be here? Won't he get upset? It's a school night. What if he thinks I'm a terrible influence on you and I make a bad impression before we've even met and-"

"Calm down, hush babe," Blaine quieted Kurt. "It's fine. Trust me it's not the first time I've taken an impromptu vacation in the middle of the school week. I promise it'll be fine. Besides, I doubt that anyone will worry that you're the bad influence."

Blaine led Kurt inside, pretending to ignore Kurt's startled intake of breath at the opulence surrounding them. He tried to look at things from Kurt's point of view and remind himself that not everyone grew up in an environment where marble floors and Schonbek chandeliers were commonplace. He quickly hustled Kurt up to his bedroom, not wanting the boy to get overwhelmed and begin to worry again.

Kurt halted just over the threshold and stared at the bed.

"I know what you're thinking and you're right. A California King is a bit obnoxious for just one person but I needed a bed big enough for me and my ego," Blaine joked.

Kurt smiled weakly. "So where do you sleep then?"

"There's the sarcasm I know and love," Blaine remarked. Kurt continued to stand just inside the doorway, his arms wrapped around himself as if he were trying to keep from going to pieces and the sight both angered and worried Blaine.

Blaine wanted nothing more than to take Kurt in his arms and comfort him but he remembered how Kurt had responded to his attempt at consoling him back in the tree house so he instead of pulling the other boy into his arms he went to his bureau and pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms, a clean pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt.

"Here," he said holding out the clothing to Kurt. "Go shower; it'll relax you and give you a chance to have a little time to get your head together before we talk."

Kurt didn't respond verbally, he simply nodded as he accepted the small bundle.

Blaine moved past Kurt and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, allowing the steam to begin filling the room before he hit a button and turned on some music. "There you go," he said. "The towels are linen closet there," Blaine said gesturing to the door, "The red robe is for company, there's a new toothbrush in the top drawer and you stay in here as long as you need to. But when you get out, we're gonna talk, okay?"

Blaine wasn't sure what he'd expected but it wasn't to suddenly have an armful of Kurt Hummel. He recovered quickly and brought both arms around the brunette to hold him tightly as Kurt leaned down slightly so he could bury his head in the crook of Blaine's shoulder. "Thank you," he whispered, "Thank you for caring. Thank you for coming. Thank you for being safe."

Blaine barely held himself together when he heard those words. Kurt being so raw and vulnerable was bringing up emotions in him that he had no idea what to do with. "Don't thank me," Blaine whispered thickly, "You don't ever have to thank me." He held Kurt for a few moments more before the other boy broke the embrace.

"I'm gonna get in the shower now," Kurt said, his voice strained and tight as if he were fighting back tears.

"Okay," Blaine said, squeezing Kurt's hand softly before exiting the bathroom.

Almost as soon as the door closed, Blaine heard Kurt let go. Harsh, unrestrained sobs sounded from inside the bathroom and it took everything in Blaine not to go charge back into the room and try to quiet Kurt's cries but his instincts told him that Kurt needed to breakdown about whatever had happened to him that night and he needed to do so in private.

After what felt like hours Kurt emerged from the bathroom, a halo of steam behind him, dressed in Blaine's pajamas and looking far too innocent and vulnerable for his own good. Blaine had long since changed into his bedclothes and was sitting Indian style, waiting for Kurt.

Blaine had decided he'd let Kurt broach the subject of sleeping arrangements. He knew it was terrible timing and didn't say much for his character but he was absolutely not going to pass up the opportunity to have Kurt in his bed even if there was precious little chance of anything happening.

"I…I sleep on the left side," Kurt said quietly, shuffling forward until he was at the foot of the bed.

"Then I guess it's a good thing I sleep on the right," Blaine replied, getting up and turning down the sheets.

Kurt silently climbed into bed while Blaine turned off the lights. When he felt the mattress dip under Blaine's weight and then settle he eased across the middle until he was in the other boy's personal space, Blaine acting as the 'big spoon'.


"It was Finn."

Blaine's hold on Kurt tightened minutely but he showed no other reaction so Kurt continued. "He…our parents are getting married and I thought…I thought things were better now," Kurt tried to explain.

"There was this duets competition in Glee; winner gets a free meal at Breadstix. Sam and I won but he couldn't make the dinner so I uh…I invited Finn. We've been…it's been better with us lately. Good even."

"So um, we went to Breadstix. And it was fun. A lot of fun and I thought…I thought 'this is what it's going to be like to have a brother'. And then um…K-Karofsky and Lewis-he's another barbarian in a letterman's jacket-saw us and started picking on F-Finn, calling him gay and saying we were on a d-date."

Kurt took a deep, shuddering breath and then began speaking again. "We uh...we all got into it. Karofsky and Finn were shoving each other and Finn actually hit him. People were staring and I tried to get Finn to leave but he was so angry and the manager came over and those two slack jawed yokels just wouldn't stop goading Finn and he kept getting angrier and angrier and he got mad at me so I got mad at him and then they really started in on him, calling him the girl in the our relationship and-"

Kurt's normal poise and eloquence had completely abandoned him. He was rambling, starting and stopping sentences and not completing his thoughts. Blaine took one of his hands and gently stroked over Kurt's chest and stomach in a rhythmic, soothing motion and was alarmed when he felt how fast the other boy's heart was racing and the tremors that wracked his body. Blaine was convinced that Kurt was on the verge of losing it completely, perhaps even having a panic attack of some sort and he wasn't sure if he would be able to handle the outpouring of emotion from the younger boy when it came.

"So the manager asked us all to leave but Karofsky and Lewis just wouldn't shut up and Karofsky told Finn to…come out of the closet and called him a flamer and Finn…Finn…he…he…F-Finn…" Kurt stopped talking and Blaine noticed the trembling had gotten worse and his breathing more labored.

"Hey, hey," he said, worry making his voice sharp. "Breathe with me, babe. In and out, just like that, there you go," he commanded softly as he directed Kurt to breathe with him in tandem. "There you go, babe. It's okay. You're with me and you're safe," he repeated over and over while he ran his fingers through Kurt's hair.

After a few minutes that felt like forever Kurt managed to calm himself and began speaking again. "They wouldn't leave him alone," Kurt whispered. "They wouldn't leave him alone and he just…Finn said he wasn't a queer or a c-cocksucker. He said he wa-wasn't a homo."

"Oh babe, Finn's an idiot but I'm sure-"

"He said I was a fag, not him. He called me a fag."

It was as if a switch had been flipped and Blaine went from wanting to comfort Kurt and giving Finn the benefit of the doubt to seeing red and planning the jock's demise.

"Everyone was s-staring at us, at me. He was s-so angry. He screamed it, Blaine. He c-called me a fag like it was no big deal. And he was so disgusted that anyone would call him gay. He was ashamed. I disgust him. He h-hates me," Kurt said screwing his eyes shut and trying to block out the image of Finn's angry face.

"He's going to be my b-brother. I have to live with him and he h-hates who I am. I'm not…my home…it's not safe anymore," Kurt said. As his voice broke on the word home, he finally gave in and let the tears fall, turning around and burying his head in Blaine's chest, his fingers tangled into Blaine's shirt as he unleashed gut wrenching sobs that made Blaine physically ache for him.

"Your dad-"

"He's happy with Carole. My mom died e-eight years ago and he'd been on exactly three dates before Carole. He d-deserves to be happy. So does Carole. I can't…it'll ruin everything. I can't…but I don't know how…how do you live with that kind of hate? My home…I was safe at home. It was my only other safe place. My h-home. I-I can't…Blaine I can't…"

"It's okay, babe. I promise its okay," Blaine soothed as Kurt continued to cry. Blaine found himself inundated with protective instincts that he hadn't known he possessed as he rubbed Kurt's back, placed gentle kisses on his forehead and plotted to bring Finn, Karofsky and anyone else who'd ever hurt Kurt to their knees as the other boy cried himself to sleep.

Finn had thought that calling his mom, explaining to her he'd gotten into a fight, been kicked out Breadstix and Kurt had abandoned him there would be the hardest thing he'd ever have to do. He'd been wrong.

Explaining why Kurt had left him there was a million times harder.

"I do not understand you," Carole said her face tight with anger and her eyes filled with disapproval. "I may not be a perfect parent Finn but I taught you better than that."

Burt hadn't said a word to him. From the minute the story had tumbled out over Finn's lips Burt had been on the phone calling Kurt's cell leaving voicemail after voicemail, trying in vain to get in touch with his son.

"Mom, Karofsky and Lewis kept-"

"I don't care, Finn!" Carole cut in sharply. "There is no excuse, none, for what you said about Kurt and even less than that for what you said to him. I did not raise you to be hateful and I did not raise you to be ignorant. I don't care what those other boys say or do, I care what you say. I care what you do. And right now I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in you."

Having Rachel's words from earlier parroted back at him by his very own mother made them hit home in a way that Finn was unprepared for. Tears suddenly filled his eyes and the gravity of what he'd done slammed into him.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"That doesn't really help anything right now," Burt said clearly trying to keep his temper.

"But I am sorry," Finn said. "I didn't mean-"

"I know what you meant," Burt snapped. "You think I didn't use that word when I was your age? Some kid gets clocked in practice we tell him to stop being such a fag-shake it off. We meant it exactly the way you meant it. That being gay is wrong, that it's some kind of punishable offense. Kurt isn't as smart as he thinks he is. I see him leave for school in one outfit and come home in another. I don't know everything, but I know that my kid gets dragged down forty miles of bad road every damn day in this town. I know there are guys who make it their mission to make his life a living hell and I thought you were different."


"I thought that being in Glee club and being raised by your mom meant that you were some…new generation of dude who saw things differently, who just kind of came into the world knowing what it's taken me years of struggling to figure out. I guess I was wrong."

"You weren't wrong," Finn insisted. "I'm not like Karofsky or those guys. I wouldn't hurt Kurt like they do-"

"Oh honey, you did hurt him," Carole said softly. "You hurt him worse than they ever could. Kurt trusts you-or at least he did. He considered you a friend-a brother and you humiliated him and what's worse you let him know in no uncertain terms that you neither accept nor respect him."

"I do respect him," Finn said. "I don't understand the whole liking dudes thing," he confessed. "But I respect him. Kurt's a good person. Yeah we butt heads on some stuff and I don't get him all the time but I don't hate him-"

"No, you just hate one of the biggest parts of who he is," Burt interrupted.

"But I don't," Finn denied. "I'm not…I'm not a hateful person. I'm not," he said tears spilling down his cheeks.

Carole came and put her arms around Finn and he sank into the embrace. "I'm sorry. I swear I'm sorry. I don't hate Kurt. I don't hate anyone," Finn mumbled into her shoulder.

Burt softened a little at the sight. "I love you kid. I do, and I love your mom, but this…has to be fixed or we can't…Kurt comes first for me, just like you come first for your mom. Every time he steps out of that door that kid has to fight a war against hate and intolerance. I'm not gonna let the enemy into his home. I won't do that to him. He can't…I won't do that to him. If we can't fix this then…," he let the sentence trail off.

"Please," Finn said softly. "Give me a chance to fix it. I'll fix it."

"Finn honey, this is going to take more than good intentions and an apology," Carole said.

"But that's a start! And it has to count for something that I'm sorry, like legit sorry not fake sorry. I don't understand Kurt being gay and I'm…kinda scared of what it means and just…uncomfortable," Finn said, acknowledging it out loud to his parents for the first time, "but I'm willing to try. I have been trying. I'm willing to try to understand. That's gotta count for something," he said honestly.

"Finn, you have to understand that there is nothing wrong with who Kurt is and you have to-"

"Carole, honey he won't get there overnight or because we tell him to," Burt interrupted gently. "I was a jackass for a lot of years. It took being Kurt's dad for me to pull my head out my ass. If he's serious about trying-"

"I am," Finn insisted.

"Then it's gonna take time. Time and patience and education," Burt finished up.

"Puck," Finn said suddenly. "Puck used to be like me and then he called some numbers. Said he talked to some people that explained some stuff to him. I could…I could find out who he called and get those numbers from him."

Carole nodded. "That would be a good start. There's a PFLAG chapter in Columbus. You and I are going to the next meeting," she said, her tone making it clear it was not up for discussion or debate.

"What's PFLAG?" Finn asked.

"It stands for parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays," Carole explained. "It's an organization that promotes the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends. They provide a place that people of different orientations, as well as those that love them can get support, learn coping skills; get education, and find advocates to help with the cause of ending discrimination. I think it'll do you some good to attend some meetings and get educated and it'll help me to find out how to best support Kurt."

"Kurt and I will come too," Burt said, surprising Finn and Carole. "You may be the one struggling kiddo but we're a family and if you're serious about making changes then we'll go at this like a family. Besides, I'm not perfect. Maybe those meetings will help me out too and God knows Kurt is aching to relate to some kids like him. I'm actually embarrassed I didn't think of us going to PFLAG years ago. But you're gonna apologize to Kurt and you are never, and I mean never, to say anything like that to or about him again. I'm serious Finn, that's a deal breaker. You throw hate at him again-"

"I won't," Finn promised and he meant it. He knew what he'd said to Kurt was wrong. He knew when he heard guys talking about how nasty it was to have sex with another guy or how they didn't want to "catch the gay" from Kurt that it was mean but somehow he'd never thought of it as hate. Finn was not a hateful person. He had a temper. He could be thoughtless and he could be mean but he wasn't heartless. Finn lacked the willful maliciousness and ability to enjoy inflicting damage on other people that it took to be hateful. Even when he was participating in bullying Kurt, he never enjoyed it. There was always a palpable sense of wrongness to the actions that made Finn feel dirty, guilty and as if he had somehow failed at something big.

Tonight had put that feeling into perspective for him. Every time he laughed at a derogatory joke or pretended not to see when Kurt was shoved or slushied, every time he had stood idly by while Kurt was thrown in the dumpster or helped the guys pull a prank on him, he had failed. He had failed Kurt, he had failed his mom and he had failed himself.

All the thinking that he'd been doing over the past couple of weeks came into focus and Finn realized that he could no longer play both sides of the fence. He couldn't continue to take half measures and sweep things under the rug. Kurt had told him to do what he could live with and Finn realized that he couldn't live with being someone that would hurt his friend, his brother, for no good reason. He couldn't live with being the person that had put the look of betrayal on Burt's face or made his mother cry. He couldn't live with being the person that wrecked his family and he couldn't live with being the type of person that got lumped in with the Lewis' of the world.

He thought back on how helpless and humiliated he'd felt at Breadstix and realized that Kurt probably felt like that-and worse-every single day, multiple times a day. The fact that he'd played a part in causing that kind of distress caused a fresh wave of tears to well up in his eyes and his stomach to twist painfully. Finn still wasn't sure who he wanted to be or how he was going to get there, but he knew he didn't want to be the person he'd been.

"He's not answering," Burt said, his voice quivering just the tiniest bit. "I've left that boy dozens of messages. Kurt always gets back to me and he's not…"

"I'm sure he's fine," Carole attempted to reassure him. "But I think it's time we start checking with his friends."

Burt nodded then grimaced. "I only know Tina and Mercedes' numbers."

"I'll call everyone," Finn said straightening up. "I…I made this mess. I gotta clean it up."

Burt nodded once and then left the room, leaving Finn standing alone in the living room with Carole.

"This is a good start Finn," she said nodding and giving him a tight smile. "But it's just a start. And it's the bare minimum of what you're going to have to do. But I'm proud of you for being willing to do it."

"Thanks mom," Finn whispered.

"You're still grounded. And I will figure out the rest of your punishment when I'm not so angry and disappointed and upset," Carole continued. "But I know one thing we need to get straight right now: I don't want those boys you argued with tonight in this house. I don't care that they're on the team with you. They are not welcome. And not just them. No one on that team is welcome in our home if they are homophobic. Burt was right. That kind of poison has no place here. Do you understand me?"

Finn nodded.

"Okay. Do you need me to stay with you while you call your friends?"

Finn shook his head. "I…I think I need to do this alone."

Carole gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Okay honey. I'm going to go check on Burt. Call me if you need me."

Chapter Twenty (PartIII)


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